Our prices for GEMA-free music

Our payment process at a glance

tonefeed is a platform that conveys between clients and artists. We focus our attention on this service. Thus, we offer a free platform for both, artists and clients. Register now for free to be a part of the tonefeed community right from the start. Our goal with tonefeed is to offer artists to earn money with composed music as well as to provide clients with individual compositions.
For this reason, we attach great importance to determine the price of a tender fairly and comprehensibly. The award can be determined by the client, depending on the size, complexity, and length of the composition.

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Your costs as a client: Contest Creation Fee

To provide you with comprehensive service and to keep our platform up to date, we focus our resources on the functionality. For this reason, a so-called "contest creation fee" of € 19.90 will apply for each tender.

Your costs as an artist: Our commission graduation

Of course, the registration for our artists is free. If an order completes, a user fee for tonefeed will apply. The fee depends on the amount of the prize money. Here is how the staggering occurs.

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