Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know to use tonefeed.



1Can I gain a composer for my entire film about the competition with tonefeed?
Yes, this is possible with the pitch mode. In the briefing, you select the complete option order and set the prize money for the entire project. Then you can upload a particular scene or mood board and select the composer who will most impress you with his pitch. If you have chosen him as the winner, you can continue to use the functions in a 1 to 1 relation and communicate via the platform.
2How does the transfer of music, money, and licenses work?
Payment of credit for clients and payoff by bank transfer.
3What are the average costs of one minute of music?
If you create a briefing, you will receive a prize money proposal for every relevant change in the process. We orientate ourselves at market prices. However, in the end, you decide how much money you want to spend.
4What happens if no sound proposal has convinced me?
If no artist could convince you and the competition has expired, you have the option to increase the prize money and extend the contest. So you can attract more composers. The other option would be to complete the competition. Of course, you will get your whole money back.
5Can I present the sound suggestions to my customers?
You can create multiple users in your account, so they have full or limited access to your projects. With a link, you can invite your customers to the contest, and they can give you feedback.
6We are an agency and buy a song for our customers. What do I have to do?
At tonefeed, you can create customer accounts. So the composer can create the license directly for the customer that you specified in the competition. No unnecessary changes need to be made.
7I have purchased a song for my client. May I use the music by myself?
The license is only for the use of the project described in the briefing. On request, it is possible to extend the license so that you can use the track for other purposes. Prerequisite for this is that the music is not used exclusively.
8How does it work with GEMA?
The music at tonefeed is generally free of GEMA charges. Therefore, we keep the costs minimal. There will be no additional costs for you or your customer.
9How exactly does the competition work?
The competition runs in four steps. First, you create a contest with all necessary information. So the composers get precise information about your requirements. Next, you provide feedback on the composer's detailed proposals. So you can get your perfect composition step by step. From these suggestions, you select the best sound and determine the winner of the competition. You exchange details with the winner to guarantee the fine-tuning. In the last step, you conclude the competition together with your favourite artist. After finishing the contest, the composer sends you the music and the license you need, and the composer gets paid the prize money.
1What happens to the music if I do not win?
Of course, the music and all rights remain to you. You can offer your track for other competitions.
2Can I also offer my music on other platforms?
We want you to be successful with your music and not limit yourself through exclusive contracts. Therefore you are welcome to offer your music on other platforms.
3How does the transfer of music, money, and licenses work?
Payment of credit for clients and payoff by bank transfer.
4What is the average revenue per minute?
The prize money is freely selectable and an average value is only to be calculated if enough references are available. However, we propose to the clients market prices for a prize money, so you will be paid fairly.
5Can I resell my compositions?
Depending on what the client specified, you can continue to sell your compositions. If you have an exclusive agreement, the track may not be used for any other customer. If the agreement is not exclusive, you can resell your composition.
6I already participated in 5 competitions but didn’t win. What can I do?
If you are repeatedly refused, you can have your music analyzed and rated by other composers in our Facebook group. So you get intense and honest feedback.
7Which format should a track have?
For the active competition, it is enough if you upload your tracks in mp3 format. If it comes to a transfer, you have to choose the format that the client needs. You can easily read this in competitive details.
8I can compose but not mix/master very well. What can I do?
We are a community, so we also create a place where users help each other. For example, you can work together wirh another artist and share the prize money with him.
9How does it work with GEMA?
We are focused on gema-free music. Therefore, you should not be a member of GEMA in order to process orders from us.
10How does a competition exactly work?
If you register for tonefeed, you can look at various competitions on your dashboard and decide if you want to enrich a contest with your music. Once you've found a match that's right for you, you can join it and see the detailed briefing. If you have all the information you need, you can get started and compose a perfect soundtrack or you can choose a track from your previous works and upload it. The client gives you feedback on your suggestions and you can tailor your music to the needs of the customer. Once the client has decided for one sound, he chooses the artist that he liked the most and hopefully you will be the winner of the competition. Then only the exchange of the data and the license is missing and you get your prize money.
11Do I have to submit a whole composition?
No, that's not a must-do. You are welcome to send sound suggestions from 0: 30- 1:00 minutes to get feedback from the client. So you know if it’s the right way or if the customer wants something different.
12Can I also qualify for a complete film?
Yes, that is possible. We have two different formats for competitions. The first format is the single job, where you produce a track for up to 5 minutes for a short video. The other format is the complete order. Here you can, for example, produce music for a scene or a sequence of a game. If you convince the client, you can set the entire film or the game to music and work individually with the tools of tonefeed.
13How much commission from the prize money tonefeed gets?
The commission is staggered according to the amount of the prize money. The higher the prize money, the lower the commission. The maximum commission is 30%.

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